Wine and stuff…

Bodri 1

…is the name of a wine shop in Novi Sad. And the reason why is it the title of the story you will discover as it unwinds. The hero of my story is wine, which justifies the first part of the title, and the second part (‘stuff’) is everything that comes from living together in a community where the wine is the boss and the host.

There is a town in Hungary called Szekszárd. Many would say that this is a very funny name, and they can’t stop laughing when they hear it for the first time. After that they get ‘laugh attacks’ when they recall it again. This is what happens at the beginning…

I often visit this town and I can say I really love it. For me, even its name is no longer funny, I’m totally used to it. I have never seen such a town before, it looks like an island in the vineyards that protects it from unwanted guests.


In Szekszárd everything is in accordance, vineyards, wine cellars, people. Nothing stands out of the nature nor of the mild human temper. Although I usually rely more on my experience than on written information, I read that the first vines in Szekszárd were planted by the Celts, more than two thousand years ago. It was a good idea of these ancient Celts, it seems as if they were skilled in assessing the terrain and the climate, so that the tradition of growing wine grapes here was never interrupted. The Hungarians, having respect to their predecessors continued with the good tradition. And as people use to say “what is good should not be changed”. And I believe this to be true.

When you first arrive to this wine region, without any previous idea about it, you will be quite amazed. And you will be asking yourself questions ‘How is it possible that I didn’t know about this beauty? How is it possible that it was so close to us, and we still didn’t know about it?’ It’s funny with this town, you have a nice feeling that tells you that you are at the right place at the right time. The smell of the food, the people’s faces, all is as it should be – simple and familiar. The wine is just like the people that make it – simple, light and with a pure flavor.

Bodri vino

Vineyards are everywhere, they are thoroughly soaked in the sun, which then give birth to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Franc, Merlot and Kadarka. Kadarka is a trademark of Szeksard wine region and experts say the best Kadarka is made right here. There is an old street with the name Kadarka. This is how the people here show their appreciation. And even though the tradition of wine is ubiquitous, it is being promoted indirectly, nothing is imposed nor stands out from the overall calm atmosphere.

Kadarka posta

Kuca drvo

Moreover, lots of things are hidden from the first sight, so you have to search using your own instinct (or just follow the smell of a fine Hungarian Cigany roast) and when you see the oval with chopped meat and vegetables followed by a smiling chef (usually with a mustache) you know you’ve reached your destination. You just need to order a Frankovka or Kadarka, stick a fork in a colorful edible scene on the plate, and there – you have one of your own new places.


In Szekszárd there is a festival dedicated to grapes and wine. I am familiar with some of these festivals, and long ago I stopped visiting them as I once had an unpleasant experience – the jostling crowd, the cheap wine, cheaply made souvenirs and food of dubious origin. Feeling sceptical like this, I visited Szekszárd wine festival, and remained completely disarmed – now the finest wine was served, since for manufacturers it being present there was a matter of prestige, people were solemn, dressed up, they were sipping wine and walking around the town, which was nicely packed this time and decorated like some kind of a beautiful bride.

Square 1

Szeki fest

Here the food is prepared and served only at one place, and you can taste the finest Hungarian specialties, which are followed by the sounds of a Hungarian violinist – and after this you can either sing, dance or just sit and absorb the scenery with all your senses, together with the portion of a delicious Bakony chicken (Bakonyi csirkemell).


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