There once was a place …

…where the walls were painted by the people I know.

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I used to sit in the courtyard of this house, and it felt like it was my own backyard. I do not know if this was pre-planned, to make people feel just like at home, but to me it really felt like that, as if I were at home or paid a visit to a beloved older relative who likes to talk about life and past. Now, in this courtyard you could sit, dance, talk, sing, eat your lunch, chat, rest or read, while enjoying the calm, tucked atmosphere.

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The happenings that took place here were full of people that I know and love. These are the people with whom I do not have to make a special arrangement – we simply knew that we will find each other there, in the yard or inside at the bar or the table. We knew that the conversation would happen on its own, with a possibility of turning into dancing.

A bit away from the crowd at the very center of the main event there were books on the shelves. I did not go there often. Not because I do not like books, but because I knew that if I went, no one would be able to pull me out of there. So I got used to watching these books from afar, while hanging out and talking. ‘There will be time for me to sit and go through them’, I used to think.

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At this place I first heard a foreign reggae band from Barcelona, who were also once the opening act for one of my favorite bands – Manu Chao. And everything seemed completely natural, they were playing next to me, the whole yard was dancing, and that was quite enough for the best party in town that month.

Another evening remained etched in my memory – an acoustic evening of Ana Ćurčin, in the middle of a hot August, when we were unexpectedly swept away by the gentle female vocals with a guitar, while the sun was setting and we were sitting in the courtyard feeling blessed and grateful that we were there.

Ana Ćurčin 1

Ana Ćurčin

In times of haste and running around, buying stuff and turf, this was a place of peace, where you could have a moment of hesitation, a piece of some quiet time for yourself or for meeting with someone you can talk to. About books, music, everything or nothing, just the way you feel.

This place was precious, I felt the energy of the town and the people, a place somehow coaxed the best out of all of us, so it seems.

A month ago I heard the place has been moved out, so I went to see if this was true. But when I arrived almost everything was already removed and the place looked almost unrecognizable.

The old house with garden is for sale. Perhaps they will knock it down and build a new one. It might be as beautiful and classy as an old one.

I do not know where the people who created Materra mesto are at the moment, but I know that they have the power to create a new place for great gatherings. Maybe an old house on the corner was just not destined for Materra mesto, but I’m sure there is a place patiently waiting to be awakened.

Materra mesto, we are looking forward to the sequel.

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