The day when my love started

UlicaI was constantly looking for its faults, with no obvious reason. I was strict and rigid like never before. I criticized it for not having restaurants and cosmopolitan cafes like the ones I like, for not having a river, for being quiet and stiff.  I’ve been trying to hide my grumbling in its many corners, imposing anxiety and inciting hostility in our relationship with each new step. And I was doing it pretty good, actually good enough to keep my distance for a few months, playing with arrogance any time it tried to come close to me.

And then suddenly the sun came exposing all the greenery and colors. I still kept my guard high, resisting the chance of being seduced.

It lasted until one Saturday when I finally chose to let myself go – I was walking relaxed on the main square, and suddenly I spotted some fresh strawberries and wild garlic pesto with walnuts, pumpkin and orange jam, and the loveliest shabby porcelain home accessories. From seller to seller, from stall to stall, I caught myself talking, tasting, laughing and smelling.

Covek slatko

SoljiceStep by step, I came to a place which I generally adore – a café in the courtyard of a huge old house and inside of it everything seemed to suit me just perfectly – cooked, baked and hand-made goodies. There was some goat cheese with herbs, some home-cooked vegetable curry and different handicraft products. The people were cheerful and relaxed. They were chatting, discussing the delicacies, inviting you to try them. Suddenly, I caught myself looking searchingly all over the place. I started tasting and chatting, couldn’t decide what to try first. And everyone was spontaneous, enjoyed eating, cooking and making things that were filled with love and appreciation for nature and people’s handwork.

KolazHours were passing by, the sun was blazing down, freshly made goat cheese with pepper and lemon grass was tightly pressed inside my bag together with the goat’s yoghurt and the strawberry mask, the pesto, the apricot seed oil and the nettle jam. At that point I recognized my heart had found a way to these people. They have created a place in my mind and now I know I love Pécs and there is no room in this place for resisting and complaining anymore.