Novi Sad-159When traveling, I like to get to know cities through food. It is always most appealing when locals reveal to me the secrets of their favorite places.

If you are planning to come to my city, Novi Sad, and you also have a passion for food, I can help you to discover its tastes.

Together, we will create a food experience according to your wishes – from street food to markets, restaurants, cafeterias, cafés, wine bars and other hidden and less hidden places.

In addition, I would try to convey the spirit of the city through stories of Novi Sad streets, buildings, people, our daily lives and habits.

For all details you can reach me at [email protected] (Ivana)


Foto: Nevena Zelunka Cvijetić (Hleb&Lale) i Mirko Žarković (Hey! Alliance)