Tastes should be discussed


As I mentioned before in my post on bread and patience, one of my hobbies is cooking. I love to cook because I love to eat and try out new things, chop, mix and invent new combinations. It fills me up and makes me pleased when the dish turns out to be tasty.

My passion for food is as old as my awareness of food as pleasure and enjoyment, which is a pretty long time. I argue it’s a matter of family education as well. Now, in my family it was important that the food is tasty, healthy, well prepared and served. It was never a question of when to eat – we would always eat when the family gathers and it was a kind of a ritual, the time for sharing of conversation, food, emotions.

During my elementary school days I had a neighbor with whom I shared a common passion – the passion for melted hard cheese that we used to eat while still hot and tractile. There was something captivating in the taste of this melted cheese, eaten alone, without bread or any additional foods. We used to enjoy it as if someone gave us an exclusive unusual treat, while in fact we were about to discover the path to our future culinary adventures.

Since my high school days I’ve been cooking whenever I could, I tried on everything and loved to serve my delicacies to my family members and guests. While I was living with my parents I used to cook only when I managed to sneak out into the kitchen and forestall my mom. Since my sister and I lived alone, I’ve cooked almost every day. My sister is the most faithful fan of my meals and I’m happy when I see delight when trying something new that I’ve created.


The food speaks for itself. I believe there’s no bad occasion whatsoever nor the bad mood that food cannot fix (and of course spoil it if it’s bad), no type of life bleakness that the smell of a good food cannot alleviate. While I was living with my best friends Miljan and Nevena, Nevena’s blog was still under construction, and I remember each day new fragrances spreading around the house. It used to make me rejoice and we often used to prepare food together, bring it out to the yard, eat, talk and sit for a long time after the meal. Those were the days!

IMG_7702   DPP_00197

Today, as a grown-ups, my friends and I hang out at our homes. We usually cook while sharing common tasks about the preparation of the meal.

DPP_00482   DPP_00472

Over time I’ve developed a preference for a variety of tastes, and somehow I sorted my own alphabet of smells and tastes, which others do not have to agree with, but for me it is somehow just right.

Our home smells of cinnamon and butter, roasted nuts and bread.

The barbecue is for the weekend houses, gardens, meadows and glades.

Indian tastes are for socializing with a lot of people – just as garam masala contains a bunch of different spices, all the people who eat meals with this spice have their own stories. And then they all unite – the people and the spices, creating the general merriment.

The salads are all about the women’s stories, crispy, light, with some spicy sauce and a piece of meat or ham.


The omelettes are the magnet for families, my favorite is the Spanish Devonian Omelette, which combines eggs, potatoes, dried tomatoes and dill and you cannot stop eating it.

Devonian  Kriske

Pasta is ‘the first aid’ to relationship problems, and combined with bruschetta it instantly solves the aforementioned woes.

Middle Eastern cuisine, couscous and falafel are for intimacy and kind words with the person you love.

Chinese and Thai food are for the greatest number of opportunities – for takeaway while working, for socializing, solitude or love meetings. They have the widest range of effects.

So now I know that your stomach, animated by stories and images, is craving for some good food. I will not give you any recipe, rather leaving you to open the fridge yourself and select the foods you love to eat. Or you may want to prepare something for you, your beloved ones or your friends. Either way, have a nice meal and enjoy every bite that fills you with joy, that’s what counts most. And yes, feel free to discuss tastes, because it is worth the discussion!