Souporaba, what a magnificent word!

Photos: David Lotrič (Kaloop) i Slovenia Coworking


“What a wonderful terrace” I said to Eva as we were riding bikes through Ljubljana when I suddenly spotted a beautiful terrace overlooking the Ljubljanica river – simple, clean, on it a swinging net hammock stretched between two pillars. “Yes, it is Ulay’s apartment,” said Eva simply as if it was the most common thing that ‘The Ulay’ lived right there, in this very particular apartment of the all apartments in the world. “Wait, it’s Marina’s Ulay, right?’ I asked dumbfounded. Namely, I still had quite clear picture of the two of them shaking hands and bursting into tears, Marina and Ulay meeting after a long time – friends, lovers, soul-mates that were not meant to be together, two people that will forever love each other without being together (Marina and Ulay short film). “Yes, yes, that Ulay, he’s a wonderful man, so cooperative and full of ideas, we also did a project together, it was great,” said Eva calmly and spontaneously, as if there was nothing special about that. Unfortunately, you won’t be provided the photo of  the terrace here (which, I guess, you’d probably like to see right now) since I forgot to take a picture. The reason – I was too mesmerized by the moment, my mind wandered off, and so, there you go.

Eva taught me a great Slovene word – souporaba, which means sharing. And that’s the word I use to describe Ljubljana, actually the people who make up this city. For the time that I spent there, which was only for one and a half day, I learned something that I have never experienced for all my life in my hometown. I was shown how to share and cooperate, to prosper this way and to enjoy the unity. The idea of sharing can be very powerful and it can be applied to almost everything – space, ideas, skills. In the honor of this virtue people in Ljubljana celebrate “Sharing day” when all the sharing-prone people gather and do just that – come together and share or do trade – they exchange bread for shoes, purse for graphic design service, website programming for the chair. They learn from each other and become richer by sharing. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

Saradnja 1

Dete, hranaAnd the people … now that’s a different story. For one working day with Eva in ‘Slovenia Coworking’ I met a bunch of interesting people. Some have their daily jobs as strategic planners and work as amateur actors in the evening, others are cultural workers who make Internet platforms as well, while being activists fighting for abandoned animals, the third group is involved in sensory and street theater. Then, there are designers who make professional short movies for the presentation of their gorgeous products on Kickstarter, as well as many others – creators, dreamers, visionaries. All of them make Ljubljana’s urban scene that is not visible to everyone. This is Ljubljana that breaths, cooperates, creates and defines its own creative spirit. There is no make-up and posing for someone else’s eyes. This is the picture of the city’s everyday life and each person is an individual for themselves, you can talk to everyone for hours, sink into new knowledge, be inspired by new ideas and at the same time have a sense of  familiarity like being with someone you already know.

Ljudi 6

Ljudi 2Although I’ve made a connection to this town long ago, Ljubljana found a special place in my heart after this trip. It just nestled there, and we both feel so good about it.