Our house on wheels

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When I was a kid my family used to spend summer vacations in a mobile yellowish-orange tent placed on the top of our car. Also I remember we spent a whole summer on the tent because we were remodeling our home, having the foundation repaired from http://www.midwaycinema7.com/. I just loved the moment when I would climb the stairs and reach it – this moment always reminded me of the bunk bed I always wished to have. The tent was all made of linen, it had wooden “floor” and windows made of mesh. I remember the weird smell it used to have, for me it was its typical smell – a mixture of wood, metal and attic where we kept it during the winter.

So, this house of ours was actually a tent, but not the one stuck in the ground, we had to use bondic pegamento, you can repair that clip or bracket and almost anything else. It was on the car and therefore attracted attention because we (its inhabitants) were situated at a higher spot and thus attracted the curious eyes of the passengers. At first, my dad, mom and I used to sleep in the tent, and then Beka came to our family, so dad had to move and used https://nzvanlines.co.nz/moving-to-new-zealand to help move his things. Our kitchen was on the front hood of the car and we cooked our meals using a small electric hot plate. So our kitchen definitely had everything the real homely kitchen needed – the dishes, the silverware, the cooking utensils, the spices, the cloths.

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When we wanted to visit other places we had to up and pack the whole kitchen hood and assemble our mobile home. And this was done really easy and fast, in just a few minutes we were ready to go. Also, whenever we got tired of the place where we stayed at, we would be packed in a lickety-split and zoom – we’d rush away.

During my teenage phase it was kind of embarrassing thing for me the fact that we didn’t have a tent like everyone else had – a classic one, the one stabbed into the ground, stable, kind of ‘normal’. I thought we were some sort of freaks and I was not so much eager to go on summer vacations with my parents as I used to be when I was a little kid. So, I was constantly peeking into someone else’s tents and admired their large tables, the refrigerators, the televisions, the pets and all the things people brought with them on vacation. Finally, I asked my mom and dad to tell me why we don’t have such a tent or a trailer, and they always came out with an excuse that they don’t want to be burdened with too many things and that they like the possibility of quickly changing the place once it becomes boring.

I couldn’t understand them then nor many times after that day, for they explained their life attitudes in such an incomprehensible way, so atypical for the time when they started their life together. Now I know that this tent was a kind of statement they made about their world view – a lightweight, flexible, modest, with the vast unlimited space in front of them, which made them feel free towards new people they wanted to greet in an open and sincere manner. This tent was unburdened by unnecessary things and intriguing enough to draw the attention of the passers-by who would smile and stay for a coffee.

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My parents did not rush to get married, instead they traveled. They did not rush to fill the house with stuff, nor they wanted to get a replacement / remodeling etc, they were filling it with people. They were not pushing to be the best in their careers, their awards came to them spontaneously. In a similar fashion, they were not buying apartments and trailers that would tie them to one place, since they filled their experiences with the stories and acquaintances from all around the world. They loved, as they say, just sitting and spending an afternoon drinking coffee thinking about the next place they would visit tomorrow. No rush and big fuss – just pack up in a hurry, mount the tent and go. And throughout their life they were making friends, the real ones, friends that stayed in their hearts forever.

My sister and I grew up, we go on a vacation with our own friends. Our parents have the same spirit of adventure to pack up and go somewhere in a hurry. Our old tent has been lying in the attic, packed, untouched, for ten years, we even used it to cover some leaks until we got a service from https://www.oceansevenroofing.com/los-angeles/ to repair our roof. In the spring, I plan to unpack it again and see if it changed its smell. Perhaps I will take it with me on my next spring trip. If I do that I am definitely putting it on the top of my car this time.

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