LOKAL – a place where I like to stop by

Foto: Mirko Žarković, Jelena Pajić i Miloš Čubrilo


I like it when space transforms into a place. This transformation is normally conducted by people, brave enough and determined to share their energy with others. I already wrote about some of these places and it is hard for me to hide the joy of discovering the people in my town who want to create something beautiful, with their own hands, something new and useful.


LOKAL is situated at the edge of Almaški kraj in Novi Sad, Serbia, in one of the three old shops, where activities, people and stories have alternated as long as a half of a century. It is designed as a co-working space. In the short term and with the minimum of investment LOKAL has been refurbished in a way that it can be transformed from a quiet office to a photographic studio, from a music showroom, cinema, flower shop or a wine, coffee or food tasting place. And as the people who run LOKAL say ‘We want new forms of expression and awareness of the environment, cultural heritage and social responsibility. Everything that happens in LOKAL is a product of mutual cooperation, good ideas and positive energy’.


Lokal 1

We once used to think it was necessary to fight for a space and use the power of collective action, in order to create places where we will all be happy – both those who create and those who come there to spend their free time. Now I think the time has come for individuals – hard working, conscious of the environment and the moment in which they find themselves. Also I think that these individuals are the ones who can, through action at the micro-local level, have impact on the wider environment, by showing the way in which things could be changed. I’m sure that these people who reflect upon their reality, who work hard to improve it, are, in fact, the ones who are well on their way of identifying themselves with other individuals from different yet similar areas of activities.


Besides the openness to new ideas, events and circulation of people, LOKAL has an atmosphere that is tremendously important for me – the light that changes from dawn to sunset, the smell of antiquity and a hint of stories about past events and tenants, the window seat where you can sit quietly and watch the rooftops of the old city.


At the beginning, I would go to LOKAL only occasionally. I used to explore and examine the new. Now I pay a visit more often, with the intention to stay longer, talk, absorb and enjoy the sum of the energies of the people who create there, those who only pass through it and the ones that are just about to come.