Great people of one city

KeceljeIn the middle of this fading summer a place appeared – created solely by people’s good will, energy and faith into a good idea. This place revealed much of what Novi Sad always contained but had been hiding it for no reason whatsoever. It brought together designers, cheerful, curious, diligent people as well as first class gourmets. All of them have been creating something – sewing bags and shoes from the finest leather, making pencil boxes and bracelets that could not be found anywhere else. Some of them have been sewing aprons and bags of different colors, carving pumpkins to make lamps out of them, and melting soaps enriching them with different herbs. They have also been making healthy oils and growing their grains on clean land without using pesticides. They have been making genuine fruit juices and salads that could not be found anywhere else but there, since they are made out of the ingredients that the soil delivers in this place only at the particular time of the year.


To me this place was especially fun and inspiring. Talking with people encouraged me so I kept thinking what I could do to contribute to this patchwork of ideas. The atmosphere was quirky, flowers were everywhere, colorful images were in sight, the words and thoughts were warm and gentle. I felt as if I was at one of those urban markets in some European city where I used to feel great.

I loved being a part of this place together with my best friend Nevena and other lovely people who were cleaning, peeling, chopping and serving vegetables with us or being just plain cheerful.  I’ve learnt that people who create things with their hands somehow automatically create a good feeling around themselves as well, free from any bias and unnecessary thoughts. There’s something in the process of creation, when you choose, look for, develop and create something for somebody who smiles and says ‘This is great’.


Mi i povrce

I am looking forward to the next meeting, when the atmosphere in the busy hive will be bustling with laughter, I already miss the sound of the dishes clinking and the smell of pressed fruit that will again cover the greyness of the concrete of the ‘Katolička porta’ in Novi Sad. Again will it be a colorful fragrant meadow for promenade, laughing, tasting and enjoyment.

There is something captivating about ArtEco market that brings peace of mind and a desire for action at the same time. I just love such places and people – when chatting can be constructive and action creative, and when the result is a smile and the conclusion is ‘This is really great!”.