Fooled by the summer


We haven’t been looking for it, especially not on the last day of October. I started using pumpkin in my kitchen several weeks ago. It’s my favorite autumn-winter vegetable, and an eggplant in olive oil as my only “winter food” has already been placed neatly in the cupboard. I have brought in the wicker chairs from the terrace, so that now they can remind me of summer. The leaves have been falling down very slowly, one by one it seems, and if one gets outside of the town and drives through the fields he can see the mist that appears early in the morning and before the sunset.

This morning it was rather windy and chilly as well, and the summer hasn’t given us any clue that it might ever come back again this year. My mom and I went to Sombor. We turned the heating in the car just to warm us up a little. We were both wearing a sweater and a jackets, and a pair of warm boots, just in case.

And having been guarded with this autumny “it-might-be-cold-and-rainy” feeling, we came across the summer, or rather, it has stumbled upon us. At first, we sensed it in the yard of the county headquarters, then spotted it through the window overlooking the  same yard.

Prozor 2         Prozor 1

Later we caught its glint reflected on the pictures of Cassis and the Vojvodina fields by Milan Konjović, as well as on his navy t-shirt.

Majica MK

We were inhaling the smell of the summer in the ‘Green market’. We were enjoying immensely the view of the colors typical for this part of the year in the tavern on the Grand Bačka Canal. Actually, the colors were all over the place – the dark green water, the bright green leaves and the golden leaves slowly starting to wither. And finally, the most beautiful sight, the bright red peppers that were left on the staircase to dry in this October’s summer sun. As soon as I saw them, being spread out like a red carpet on these stairs, my heart leapt merrily while the smell of grilled fish and fire bowl were swirling in the air and dancing with the real, genuine summer sun.


Paprike 2Although it was the last day of October, this was my summer day, so this is a story of my shortest summertime holiday.