Autumn Pannonian waters


Mid-November is supposed to announce winter. At least I recall this was the case a few years ago. Namely, it was snowing on that November 14th when I was travelling to the birthday party of my best friend. On that day the snow completely covered my head and coat and I just shook it off in front of its door. This year however, things are different. After last year’s long and cold winter the sun has decided to honor us with its soft rays, which do not force us to flee into the shade but are rather pulling us out of it and gently touching our skin while we rustle through the leaves.

One weekend, this very gallant November, I have decided to flee from the everyday life and go on a trip to Tiszakécske, a small Pannonian town in the Hungarian county of Bács-Kiskun. Like most places situated above the geothermal waters of Pannonia, this little town shares the same fate. It lies on thermal waters which are used for multiple beneficial purposes. I love Hungarian spas, which could be found in almost every place, especially in the Great Plain, Baranya County and the Budapest area. All are well equipped and normally hold several thermal pools (the water temperature can vary, from about 30 to 40 degrees Celsius). In the Hungarian culture there is a habit of going to the thermal pools and spas, and Hungarians do it often. Unlike our spas in Serbia, which are mainly health institutions, in Hungary they are full of young people, families, couples and older, healthy people who want to rest, relax or warm up in winter days.

In addition to thermal springs, Tiszakécske has more water – the river Tisza, which flows through the city and gives it a particular “river charm”, which we people from the river cities are so familiar with.Tisa 1 Tisa 2

In addition to the Tisza there are fish taverns (in Serbian province of Vojvodina we call them “čarda”), and this time as well one could find inside a couple of pots simmering with warm fish soup. I believe the people there were the fishermen who were using the latest warm autumn days to gather and boast about their fish catches. Along the Tisza banks there are a lot of small weekend houses currently without their owners who are probably somewhere in the cities, living their autumn lives. While I was walking the streets, one of which is called Alaska (Fishermen’s Street) the sun was scribbling over the houses, illuminating the props dropped behind from the summertime – a couple of deckchairs, a swing, a folding chair. I could imagine a summer scene in these courtyards – families with children, pensioners napping in the chairs with newspapers, dogs running around the yard and deep shade under the large trees. But now these houses were locked, seeming a little bit tired from the summer season and the numerous guests, neighbors and relatives from here and there, waiting for the first spring days when their owners would start preparing them for the new season.

spa kuca 3

kuca detalj            spa 2


After the walk, where I was enjoying the view on the river and the forest while fantasizing about the pictures from the life of the weekenders, I went to let myself go with the blessings of the thermal springs at Barack hotel.

hotel detalj 1           hotel detaljSometimes this is all we need – a contact with hot water, soaking ourselves with a soothing warmth and the sound of water running off of massage showers. The feeling is complete when the autumn sun slowly sets, air temperature goes down, and one enters the pool while the pleasant wave of relaxation spreads through your body. Around the pool everything is painted gold, the trees and the sky, and the water surface reflects magical soft sunlight. Savoring these sensations and having a picture inside of our head one realizes just how much we all need to slow down in our lives, to move away from everyday hustle and find the time for ourselves away from any kind of worry.


Once we realize that this moment is unique and take some time to appreciate how lucky we are and how grateful we should actually be for the day that brought us all of these magnificent sights. Thinking about how complete my day was, while floating in warm water, was a feeling of great calm and happiness. With a few days distance, while working in my office, I smile when I think about my trip to Tiszakécske, on that picturesque autumn Pannonian day. And, of course, I ate the somlói galuska sweet, who would resist it!

bazen 2IMG_1701

This wonderful trip was supported by Tisacoop company, and organized in collaboration with the web portal

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