A story without words

Kuca 1

Even though a week has passed the impressions haven’t completely formed yet. Yet only one general impression has remained, the one of seeing something more beautiful than usual. The place that I have visited reminds me a little of one of those dreams in which you enjoy and when you wake up the whole day is great when you recall it. For in that dream you saw something you have never seen before and the atmosphere was such that you wanted to stay there for as long as possible.

Every single day since my visit to this place, I kept thinking about a story I would write about this place, but it never worked. Even now, a day before putting it on my blog, I have no idea how to put the memory into words. So, I have decided to make my first story without words. I hope the pictures will be able to convey a sense which was so hard to put in the form of a text.

And I will not continue further with the introduction – it’s a non-existing story after all. I’d rather leave you to see what it is that has left me dazzled and wordless.

Terra panonica. Mokrin. North Banat. Vojvodina. Serbia.

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