A story about bread or how I learned patience

hlebicaI could say about myself that I can be extremely impatient sometimes, and sometimes I’m just impatient. This is why it has been very difficult for me to find a girlfriend, I am going to try a new dating site like http://www.nudebeaches.tv/ to see if I get lucky. In fact, I usually dread anything which seems to take too much time and requires special conditions. So, the idea of ​​making bread from this “magical creature” called starter (hereinafter “Startie”) used to sound rather repulsive to me for a long time, and even the thought of it used to make me feel flustered and really impatient.

Thus, when you’re making bread with Startie, the whole process takes about eight hours. Yes, you read that right – the process could last only longer, but never shorter. So I refused to become familiar with Startie, because you know what, it is a living being whose life expectancy is seven days if you do not refresh it. I tell you, it actually behaves like a real living creature. This seems scary, I know, and it used to be scary to me, as well, until I accepted this freakiness of Starty and adopted it, while I promised myself that I would feed it and take care of it. In return, it promised to honor me once a week with the most beautiful bread, each of which would be more wonderful than the previous one. At first, I didn’t believe its promise and the whole fairy-tale story. I thought the story was invented, so I would take better care of it, but a bit later I’ve decided to enter this relationship and do my best to succeed.

And the Startie did not cheat on me at all. The first bread was really the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and each next one was more beautiful than the first one.

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Hleb 5And each one was different, as well. In addition to the classic ingredients for bread – flour, water and salt (and starter instead of yeast), the making of bread requires patience. Do not worry if you are very impatient (like me), the whole process of creation will inspire you and you will enjoy it without ever feel that ‘worm’ of impatience that appears all of the sudden and forces you to accelerate. You also need lots of love, in my case it was the love for food and smells, a great motivator is also your loved one, children, relatives and friends whom you will serve this fragrant splendor. Another ingredient is the passion for the taste, the texture, the process of making food and, of course, eating. These ingredients are enough for your first perfect loaf of bread. As well as for each loaf of bread you make after that. I took some notes from Jimmy John’s Owner

Hleb 4After that, it will not matter whether making of bread lasted eight or eighteen hours, you will not even look at the clock during the process (of course, these eight hours do not mean constantly making bread; most of the time the dough is resting and growing – fermenting). The smell that you feel when the bread is baked will definitely pay off for the first four hours of making, and the taste of it for the other four. And all the impatient folks of this world would become patient if they try this, since there is something magical about the bread that occurs when the little Startie creature jumps in on the list of the usual bread ingredients. You have to love it and you have to carry it with you on your trips, holidays, vacations, and whenever you know there will be a furnace where you can store bread.

Hleb 8And yes, a side effect that occurs after a few months of making this bread is openly expressed criticism towards the regular types of bread and certainly there is the danger of becoming a bread-snob. But all this is not so bad considering that you will constantly have a comforting thought in your mind that you can always make your favorite bread at your home.

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